Earning at Risk Error on Google AdSense – How To Make ads.txt file

Earning at Risk Error on Google AdSense – How To Make ads.txt file

Are you getting Earning at Risk Error on Google Adsense and telling you that your site does not have ads.txt file?

Are you afraid that this might have a serious impact on your site? Fear no more. Today we are going to show you an easy step on how you can get rid of this error on your adsense account and start earning more money.

Before getting started you need to know what exactly is ads.txt.

Ads.txt is an IAB-affirmed content record that intends to anticipate unapproved stock deals. Ads.txt document shields distributers from promotion extortion, and it can conceivably build your advertisement income. The activity is upheld by Google’s publicizing stages like Google Adsense, Doubleclick, and Ad Exchange.

Earning at Risk Error on Google AdSense

Now let’s dive into how we can remove the Earning at Risk Error on Google AdSense

1. First of all, Go to your wordpress dashboard.

2. Hover over plugins and click on add new.

3. On the add new plugins page search for “Ads.txt Manager”.

4. From the search result install Ads.txt Manager by 10up.

5. Activate the plugin after it has completed being installed.

6. After activating the plugin, hover over settings.

7. From the dropdown menu click on “Ads.txt”.

8. This opens up a blank Manage Ads.txt page. In this page you need to paste the code.

To get this code, go to your Adsense account click on “Learn More” next to the Earning at Risk Error. This opens up Adsense Answer page. Scroll down and under Create your own ads.txt file for Adsense you will find the code that you need to paste.
This code needs a little change before you paste it in Manage Ads.txt page.
The code will look something like this –

google.com, pub-22222222222222222, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

You need to replace the number after pub- with your own Adsense account number.
pub-“Your own Adsense account number”

You can find your Adsense account number from your Adsense dashboard. Click on Account and on the screen that pops out you can see your Adsense account number.

9. After changing the number with your own Adsense account number after pub-…, Click on Save Changes.

This makes an ads.txt file for your site. You can check it by typing “/ads.txt” after you website address.

This is how you can solve Earning at Risk Error on Google AdSense – How To Make ads.txt file.

Happy Earning on Adsense.

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